the Red Devils, a second home for Slovak hockey

SPORTS / Slovakia is at the heart of the Briançon transfer window with an arrival, Jakub Burzik as well as two departures, Radovan Cutt and Slavomir Tomko

– High mountains –

The Red Devils, a second home for Slovak hockey. In line with last season’s transfer window, the Briançonnaise team continues to draw from the native country of its coach Daniel Sedlak to complete its workforce. The 25-year-old defender Jakub Burzik is notably the latest example of this recruitment with the air of Slovakia by joining the Red Devils for what will be his first experience abroad. The movements are also in the opposite direction with the departures of two other Slovaks: the 32-year-old striker, Radovan Cutt and the 38-year-old defender, Slavomir Tomko. In addition to the Slovak sector, the high-alpine club also puts on its training and it is not less than four young people who have decided to continue their high level apprenticeship in Briançon. They are therefore Bastien Colomban (20 years old), Nathan Faure-Brac (19 years old), Yonis Penet (17 years old) and Lucas Faure-Brac (18 years old).

Note that on the Rapaces de Gap side, coach Éric Blais will no longer be able to count on two experienced players next season. Despite the club’s desire to keep him, Raphaël Faure decided otherwise and will finally wear the colors of the Cergy-Pontoise Jokers after six years in the Hautes-Alpes. Ditto for the Latvian Artus Mickevics who will therefore put his talent at the service of another French or even foreign team.

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