The Rolling Chairs will take part in the European Wheelchair Handball Championship

Alongside Cap2Sports, a multi-disabled ASBL in the Liège region, a team of twelve players was quickly formed. Supported by the French-speaking Belgian Handball League, the hanballeurs will represent Belgium at the next European championships in Lyon. They will challenge Spain, France and Portugal. “For us, it’s a great opportunity. continues the Hannutois André Balsacq. We who are mainly basketball players, it will be a crazy experience. The goal is above all to gain experience since this will be our very first international tournament.” Among the Rolling Chairs, we will obviously find André Balsacq but also Aurore Notte, Michel De Vresse and Pierrot Balas. Amaytois Norman Sprimont will also be part of the adventure, on behalf of Cap2Sports.

All these beautiful little people met a week ago, at the Hall omnisports de Verlaine, for a first contact. “We had never trained together says André Balsacq. We realized that there was still work to do (laughs). Compared to the basket, it’s a bit destabilizing, especially when handling the ball. Since we don’t practice handball every week, we don’t have the right gestures yet. But it will come, I’m sure. This championship will allow us to measure ourselves at a very high level. We go there mainly to gain experience.

This type of event should allow the Hannut ASBL to continue its ascent. “I hope that handball will be valued in the next few months. People think that only people with disabilities can play disabled sports, but that’s not true comments André Balsacq. Injured people can very well evaluate a whole season by our side. As proof, this year, we welcomed two basketball players from Boninne (Namur), who were on the sidelines for quite a while.”

The twelve players will meet four more times before flying off at the end of June for an experience they won’t soon forget.


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