The round of tournaments. Baptiste Arzur brings a breath of fresh air to Epinal

After two and a half weeks of competition, with 106 players and 24 players on the starting line (in the standards of the Spinalien tournament), the TC Spinalien tournament reached its terminus this Thursday, July 14. It was also a terminus for Pascal Lambolez, the essential Spinalian referee, after 20 years of good and loyal service (he worked during this edition with Jean-Christophe Laruelle for a smooth handover). To return to the business of the field, this 2022 edition has blown a good wind of youth.

In particular among the men where the local of the stage, the young Baptiste Arzur (16 years old) made his tournament profitable by offering himself the scalps of Justin Cosserat and Jérôme Gury (2/6). In the semi-finals, the Arzur-Cosserat poster offered a new bitter struggle between the two protagonists. Regularly added in the past by his young opponent, the Thaonnais this time gave in not without having counted match points in the super tie-break (6-0 6-7 12-10). Baptiste Arzur, embarrassed by cramps, this time knocked the piece over on the right side. In the final, the young Spinalien suffered less against a Jérôme Gury in lack of competition and proved by his semi-final (6-1 6-2).

The ladies table also took on a local accent with the victory of Charlotte Pierrel (4/6). The person concerned, however, had to fight in the semi-finals to repel the assaults of the young Colombe Clédat, 15 years old (6-7 6-2 10-5). In the final, Charlotte Pierrel won in two sets against the Golbéenne Julie Dromigny.

Finally, in the table of over 45 gentlemen, the sharp Laurent Claude left only crumbs to the competition.

The resultsgentlemenSemi-finals: Baptiste Arzur (3/6, Epinal) defeats Justin Cosserat (2/6, Thaon) 6-0 6-7 12-10; Jérôme Gury (2/6, Epinal) beats Anthony Mast (5/6, Plombières) 7-5 6-7 10-2. Final: Baptiste Arzur defeats Jerome Gury 6-1 6-2. Over 45 years oldSemi-finals: Laurent Claude (15/2, Remiremont) beat Sébastien Maulini (15/1, Golbey) 6-3 6-1; Frédéric Le Goff (15/2, Dombasle) beats Emmanuel Bruneau (15/2, Epinal) 7-5 6-3. Final: Laurent Claude defeats Frédéric Le Goff by forfeit. ladiesSemi-finals: Charlotte Pierrel (4/6, Épinal) beats Colombe Clédat (15, Épinal) 6-7 6-2 10-5; Julie Dromigny (4/6, Golbey) beats Aline Furel-Medjaed (5/6, Epinal) 6-4 6-3. Final: Charlotte Pierrel beats Julie Dromigny 6-4 6-3

Final in Saint-Nabord this Sunday: Nolan Fleurentin invites himself

Sometimes the outlines of a final tableau move for the sake of the cause. This is the case in Saint-Nabord where the Romarimontain Dimitri Claudon could not honor the appointment. Blandine Roehrig and her committee therefore sent the message via social networks to find a ranked 15. And the interested party is none other than… Nolan Fleurentin. The latter, who returns full-time to tennis with the intention of becoming No. 1 in the Vosges, is to be classified as a favorite. In any case, a very serious competitor for the three seeds that are Anthony Mast (5/6, Plombières), Bruno Didier (5/6, Cornimont) and Hugo Clément (5/6, Docelles).
Among the women, few in number (14 out of the 84 entered in the navoiriaud tournament), in a table yet open up to 4/6, the seeded n ° 1 is Elise Rousseau (15/2, Fougerolles) and the head series n°2 Murielle Grandjean (15/3, Remiremont).

Men’s and women’s finals this Sunday, at 2:30 p.m.

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