The Sarlat rugby club refuses the rise in Federal One

“Today the step is too high, you have to know how to be reasonable for the sustainability of the club” explains François Bourgeois, the sports director of CAS, the Sarlat rugby club. The leaders decided to refuse the rise in Federal 1 for financial reasons. They informed the French Rugby Federation this Friday, June 17. The budget required in Federal One is too large and there is also “the debt that we created over this year […] we had few certainties about the future partners and to work in a serene way these certainties are essential”.

The decision was very difficult to make for the new leaders appointed at the beginning of June, especially since the sporting season was exceptional for the CAS rugby players who flew over the Federal 2 championship. The club validated its sporting rise to Federal 1 at the mid-May but the financial situation of the club is very uncertain since the indictment of its president Dominique Einhorn.

François Bourgeois understands the disappointment of supporters and volunteers _”the club survives, it faces these financial problems and today it is clearly the most important. The project to start again on a sound basis is today more essential than we”enjoy playing in Federal One” […] but we can’t endanger the club like that.”

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