The schoolchildren of La Presentation are introduced to rugby at the start of the school year

Saugues. Rugby interventions at La Presentation school. During this period of class, schoolchildren from large section up to CM2 go to the old gymnasium to learn rugby.

To support them in their learning, Yanis Urbain-Trouvé, apprentice of CD 43 (Departmental Committee of Haute-Loire), teaches students the first rules of rugby, the right gestures to learn how to make passes, collaborate as a team and experience first matches. For the La Présentation school, which is labeled Generation 2024, it is essential to offer students an opportunity to discover different sports through partnerships with sports clubs. Sport is a perfect illustration for applying the values ​​of the whole, progressing, learning to lose, and evaluating as a team. The year will therefore be marked by football, rugby, judo, physical expression, the swimming pool and sports meetings with other schools in the network.


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