The sentence: “Even the new management of the Euroleague seems to settle for continuing the war”

On reading the Euroleague calendar, it became clear that it is not seeking to smoke the peace pipe with FIBA.

Once again, the Euroleague has been placed for the 2022-23 season of competition days during the “FIBA windows” reserved for the qualifications for the 2023 World Cup.

Spain and Italy face off on the same day as Armani Milano and Virtus Bologna play for Euroleague. The overlap of encounters is so obvious that it becomes impossible not to believe it was done on purpose. Even the new management of the Euroleague seems to have to continue the war “, writes the Republic of Bologna.

This sports competition was broadcast on television. This will be the case in France since the matches of the national team will be broadcast on France 4 and -we can hope- those of Villeurbanne and Monaco on another channel, probably at the same time. It’s called shooting yourself multiple times in the foot.

It was believed, however, that the Euroleague had returned to better intentions, especially with the announced departure of its CEO Jordi Bertomeu. In this regard, if his shelving seemed recorded, it has not yet been formalized. Can we fear a last minute reversal under the impetus of the Spanish and Turkish clubs? We see that, at the very least, its harmful imprint is still visible, and for the good health of the European basket, it is time for it to leave the floor.

Photo: Jordi Bertomeu (Euroleague)

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