The skatepark at the already very popular leisure center

Morance. A Skatepark integrated into the already very popular leisure base. Long-awaited, the Morancez skatepark has just opened to skaters, BMXers, scooters and even inline skaters.

With an area of ​​450 m 2 , it is well anchored in the green setting of the leisure center. This skatepark, with a total cost of €100,000, was subsidized by the State, the Department and by Chartres Métropole under the competition fund.

At the origin of the project? A dozen young riders from the town. They suggested a space to practice their favorite sport in their municipality. They were then received at the town hall in May 2021. The relevance of the project won over all the elected officials.

Relying on their knowledge and that of other skateparks, they gave substance to the project by participating in the follow-up of the file and the construction site.

“We have received letters from around thirty signatories. When we received them for the first time at the town hall, they presented us with a very detailed plan and a model of their project. They were ready to wash cars to help fund the skatepark,” commented Gérard Besnard, Mayor of Morancez.

“We only need benches”

Saturday morning, the young roller sports practitioners did not hide their pride and had been enjoying this beautiful equipment for two weeks. “He is really very good,” commented Mael, 12. Same story for Timéo and Théo, 12 and 10 years old, who meet here three to four times a week. “Before, we had to go to Chartres to practice our sport and there were too many people. This equipment in Morancez is smaller and more user-friendly. All we need are benches under the trees and a water point,” said Mael and Timéo, two of the initiators of the project. The mayor promised them these final improvements.

Gérard Besnard only wants one thing to have chosen: that the skatepark lives. “I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest and take care of it. Be numerous, sport is the school of life. »


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