The star targeted by the Nets for this summer, blockbuster in sight?!

With the upcoming departures of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets are preparing for all scenarios. He says to himself that the front office still wants to play the title, and even a very specific star for that. A major trade could see the light of day this summer, but it will take another team in the talks, or even a fourth.

There is no doubt that the Nets will shake up the market in the coming weeks, once a trade for Kevin Durant will be found. The star has been calling for his departure for some time now, but negotiations haven’t made much headway. In question ? Too much consideration requested by Brooklyn, with franchises who prefer to stall for the moment and play the watch.

Bonus ? The soap opera Kyrie Irving, which will have to wait. The Nets are focused on getting KD out, which means the other trades are on hold. A blow for the Lakers, who will have to be patient to try to recruit the leader, at least if an agreement is possible. However, the Nets could also be offensive when it comes time to trade Durant. Not only does the front office want to get something heavy in exchange, but a star would be in their sights.

The Nets were aiming big in the West!

In his latest article for the SNY site, journalist Ian Begley confirmed that the Nets are looking for heavyweight in the market. The idea is not to rebuild after the departure of the stars, but to continue to play for the title. In their sights? One player rumored to be available, namely Donovan Mitchell. Can Jazz be involved in KD’s future profession? Like a third team? It is not to be ruled out.

Very early in free agency, many of the teams following Donovan Mitchell revealed that the Heat were the big favorites to sign the player. But I know Brooklyn also has an interest in getting the star back.

A real surprise, but Mitchell is a player who could allow Brooklyn to bounce back. Is the Jazz interested in ending up in the KD trade? This has yet to be determined, but it is an avenue to explore.

Small fact to note? If Mitchell lands in Brooklyn, Ben Simmons will have to jump ship, for the same reason as with Andrew Wiggins. We can therefore imagine a business with several franchises to find solutions:

The Heat, Jazz and Nets for a three-team trade

Whether it’s this summer or the next, it’s clear that Donovan Mitchell should leave the Jazz. Danny Ainge enters reconstruction mode, but we still have to find an agreement and a solidarity counterpart. The Nets are in the game, determined to fight for the title. The next few weeks are going to be exciting.

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