The table tennis club has (well) celebrated its 60th anniversary

Event at the table tennis club: the Ping varzycois celebrated its 60th anniversary. And not to miss it, alumni have come from far away (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux) to find the old glories of the department, including the illustrious trio Burlin, Gagnard, Mulot, from Cercy-la-Tour, untouchable around 1970 Also present were Pascal Vitrant, President of the Departmental Table Tennis Committee and several citizens.

Everyone appreciated the pleasure of the reunion

United in the same current of esteem for the club, everyone appreciated the pleasure of finding themselves entertained by an exhibition of photos and a slide show by Jean-Louis Bridiau. They encouraged the new wave of Varzycoise which has just won the Grobarcick challenge and reserved warm proposals for the founding president, Claude Signolet, visibly moved. He had promised to be brief in a speech tinged with humor, but 60 years is a long time…

It all started in 1960 with the installation of two old tables in the ballroom of the café Bressange (now Le Goglu), the creation of an office represented by the versed Paul Breton (until 2000), membership in the French Table Tennis Federation (FFTT) in 1961 and a first match against Saint-Léger, humiliating but instructive. Led from school by Claude Signolet, director, and Georges Marchand, future mayor, relayed to college by Jean-Pierre Prégermain, the club began its rise with Jean-Pierre and Patrick Breton, Pierre Thomas, Claudy Rémond then Bernard Perronnet, Pascal Signolet…

In the regional plateau

And from 1970, the six pennant entered the regional plateau never to leave it. It was the beginning of a great adventure marked by reinforcements fallen from the sky: the indescribable Jacques Deveaux, creator of the David-Lange company; Michel Baroni, ranked 15; Georges Weber, Didier Nainville, classified 20 to 17 years old; Jean-Louis Fleury; the Belgian Patrick Perez.

Later, it was necessary to resort to a pairing of pennant teams with Guipy then La Charité-sur-Loire to get out of the turbulent zones. Then neo-olds hold the barracks, Romain Guenot leaves his mark and the young people finally arrive.

History has been marked by a twinning with Nassau in Germany (six trips and as many receptions). The organization of thirty-three consecutive tournaments before a cut and a relaunch due to Sylvain Favier. An unprecedented meeting, in the village hall, with the sports editors of the ORTF and their boss at the time. A friendly match behind the scenes at AJ Auxerre against a team coached by Bruno Martini. The Prégermain epic (four players and three generations in the same team). The rise of girls, Christelle Viodé, Nathalie Bouquet, Véronique Devaux, Alexandra Chazal…

The club played in the ballroom from 1960 to 1972, before moving to the old cinema (leisure room) and inaugurating the multipurpose hall in 1981. A click to reach seventy-six licensees.

The president awarded the municipality for its support (new lighting of the room). The mayor, Gilles Noël, underlined the impact of the club which has made people talk about Varzy throughout the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.


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