the Tennis Club gets into Touch tennis

But the start of the new school year is near and is intended to herald new projects for future members and licensees, such as the introduction of Touch tennis. “It’s a modified version of tennis, played on a compact court with foam balls and shorter racquets… A friendly, fun sport suitable for all ages”, explains Véronique.

A first initiation was also offered on Friday July 8, in the evening, with players of all ages and all levels. “Everyone had a good time and then shared an improvised meal around the club’s barbecue. This animation will be renewed regularly, ”promise the members of the tennis club.


An initiation which should therefore continue over time, since Touch tennis, also called Urban tennis, will also be taught at the club at the start of the school year. “Pre-registration is open now and the club will have a stand at the Forum des associations de Léognan, Saturday September 3, all day. The instructors will be back at the club a few days before, at the end of August, to provide information and registration,” adds Grégory Andriamonje, vice-president of the Tennis Club de Léognan.

Finally, while waiting for the start of the school year, the adults of the club will participate in the senior open which will be held from August 25 to September 11.

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