The Tennis club of Ille-sur-Têt has reached the bar of 200 licensees

Nine finals, two departmental champions, a top internal tournament, the club is doing well. Alright.

At summer time which marks the end of the season, the president of the Tennis club Illois, Christian Chappelle, takes stock.

What do you remember from this season and what is your sporting project?

It’s been a remarkable season with nine finals in all categories: women, men, children and veterans, crowned with six titles: the men’s Roussillon cup, the senior mixed cup, the ladies’ and men’s spring cup, the children’s mixed cup 11-14 years old, the legends trophy among veterans. We also have two departmental champions: Virginie Garcia in the 4th series and Thibault Perpère in the 3rd series who, with Clara Lavandéra, represented the region in Balma. There we close the indoor tournament where there were 70 participants. In the men’s final Frédéric Nelaton beat Armand Bantresque, in the women’s Claire Delaye beat Mélanie Poch. The men’s doubles was won by Jean-Pascal Sastourné and Didier Arcas, the women’s doubles by Mélanie Poch and Fabienne Durand, the mixed doubles by Armand Bantresque and Mathilde Vasselin.

If we have the means, we want to organize a 4th ladies open tournament next season. We are also about to conclude a partnership with the college within the framework of the UNSS.

Will the work continue next season?

We would like to enlarge the clubhouse to have a larger and more convivial reception area. The fourth court becomes a necessity. We have reached the bar of 200 members and we can’t cope, because we have to juggle between competitions, tennis school and leisure tennis which is important.

How do you manage the financial aspect?

It is a very soundly managed club and we have to claim the municipality, the thirty partners who trust us every year and this year in particular the gesture of a child from the Nicolas Julia club, who let his heart speak.

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