The Tennis club tournament will designate its champions on Friday July 22

In front of her computer and her schedules, she schedules the meetings according to the weather, in the morning at 9 and 10 a.m., in the afternoon from 5.30 p.m. “until very late in the evening, the meetings sometimes end around midnight. she says.

An international tournament

Who will succeed the American Sofia Sewing and Nicolas Grammare of the Tennis club de La Teste? The question remains. “For the moment everything is open for the final table”, indicates Élisabeth Seyrac. On its lists already players ranked -15; Karen Marthiens (Périgueux) for the women and Hugo Pontico (Mérignac) for the men. There is also the Testerin Florent Lagarrigue (-2). “It’s a beautiful tournament, we have a very good table of 2e series” sue the umpire. To allow players of 4e streak to stay longer in the tournament, she set up consoling.

As in previous years, the Gujanais tournament can boast of being international with a group of ten Argentines from Fronsadais. Among the youngest, there are groups from Cestas, Arcachon, La Teste and of course from Gujan-Mestras.

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