The tennis club went up to the net

This year, the open days took place in a good atmosphere on both grounds, bringing together around forty young people. The latter was in the form of tables, doubles at the scrum. If for some it was an opportunity to discover this sport, this day was an opportunity for former licensees to return to the club of their debut.

A cup was given to the winners and there was even a snack. The handover of the internal tournament was a moment of congratulations and encouragement for everyone.

Table 1: winner Zaïnab Lacheret, finalist Margaux Boudou.

Table 2: Winner Faustin Garrigues, Finalist Kevin Strebler.

Table 3: winner Nora Lacheret, finalist Alexandre Timshina.

Table 4: winner Elliot Calmels runner-up Lenny Schali.

The season ends with the stadium which runs from August 1-5. For registrations, contact Mathieu Raymond on 06 22 49 04 33.

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