The terrible update about LeBron for this summer!

While he will be present next year with the Lakers, always with the aim of winning a title, LeBron James does not yet know what he will do next. A departure is not to be excluded, especially if the collective performances are disappointing. The latest update is also quite concerning, endangering the franchise.

At 37, and 38 at the end of the year, james lebron knows he doesn’t have much time left to win an NBA title. No way for him to waste a year, like the last with the Lakers. Bonus ? Remember that his son, Bronny, is coming soon to the league, and that the dad wants to play with him. Clearly, a departure from Los Angeles is not to be excluded in the near future for the King, who wants to grab everything by his retirement, a bit like all the other stars elsewhere.

Commit to the long term? Unlikely, especially since LeBron’s contract will become very interesting. He can indeed sign a contract extension from August 4, which would not displease the front office. It’s a way to keep James for the long term, but also to reassure other players on the market, who would eventually like to become the Angelinos. Problem ? It’s a complete blur right now.

LeBron’s future more than ever uncertain

In his latest article for Bleacher Report, journalist Eric Pincus has just given an update on the soap opera LeBron, which could complicate the coming summer in the City of Angels. As we said, the native of Akron can extend into August, but the movements will take place before for the rest of the roster. The situation is therefore clearly not helping, and in the worst case scenario, could prevent the front office from recruiting a few people.

The Lakers were paralyzed at the last deadline, because it was impossible to know the future of James, and it is still the case today. The star is eligible for a contract extension for August 4, but most of the team moves will take place in June and July.

This is the case with the draft, then the beginning of free agency, where most signings take place. Behind, especially in August, there are only unwanted players, or bets to try to strengthen the roster, which is clearly not ideal.

For the Lakers? Should we go for the title knowing that LeBron can technically leave in a year? Can Anthony Davis really become the future of this franchise, he who is not reassuring with his state of health? Everything is not yet clear with the Pourpre et Or at the moment, and that should not change for some time:

The Lakers are stuck without a commitment from James, whose contract expires at the end of the 2022/23 season. Opposing executives and agents don’t expect the Lakers to be helped until the draft, or even free agency.

The future of LeBron James? Impossible to know, the player taking his time. He could do nothing and test the market in 2023, or wait to see his team’s moves before deciding to stick around a bit longer. In any case, and with the arrival of Bronny in the NBA, if all goes well, the King will not commit to the long term.

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