the time before the return of a player who suffered a prolonged concussion

World Rugby is having its protocols for the gradual return to play of a player who has suffered a concussion assessed. From now on, he will only be allowed to play again from the 7the day after the shock only with the approval of an independent physician. Those who have “a history of concussion or were removed from a match with obvious symptoms of concussion could not play for a minimum of 12 days“. An extended period to ensure that the player concerned will be exempted for at least one match. These new protocols will come into effect on July 1.

Rugby is a cutting-edge sport in the management of traumatic brain injury, but we never sit idly by. This is not just a new protocol, it will be a new mindset for coaches and players. Our approach means that it is now very likely that a player gets with a concussion not to play in his team’s next game, justified Eanna Falvey, chief medical officer of World Rugby. There are differences in the symptoms and history of concussions. This process allows us to further protect elite players by individualizing their rehabilitation.»


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