The very worrying update for Kevin Durant’s trade to the Nets!

While Kevin Durant is still waiting for his craft, the star knows he’ll likely be patient. The Nets negotiate with teams, but the conversations aren’t that smooth. Worse ? The holidays do not help, as well as the request from the front office to let go of KD. Trade is very far away.

Eager to leave the Nets, Kevin Durant forwarded its request to its leaders several weeks ago. If we suspected that the trade was not going to be done in a few days, it could even experience a serious setback. The reason is simple: the consideration requested by Brooklyn. Knowing that the Wolves dropped 5 first rounds of draft to get Rudy Gobert, the barometer changed for the stars, which influenced the exchange of KD.

Brooklyn is in a strong position, their star being under contract for 4 long years, Sean Marks does not hesitate to put pressure. Give in Durant? Yes, only if the teams agree to pay the asking price. This is not currently the case, whether for the Suns, the Heat, or other disadvantaged franchises. It will be necessary to put his future in danger for the next 10 years, and even for KD, nobody wants to do that.

Stoppage for the departure of Kevin Durant

The problem right now, and with summer now here, is that no one can really put pressure on the other. The Nets are sticking to their guns, while opposing franchises have so far refused to increase their offer, knowing that no one will do it among the competition. ESPN insider Brian Windhorst just dropped a new point on this soap opera. If you’re hoping for a quick ending, you can forget about it.

I’m not even sure the Suns are capable of formulating an offer that may interest the Nets at present. I think the same is true for others as well. The franchises stick to their choice and clearly say to Brooklyn: “Here is our offer. I don’t intend to change to make it better, because I know other teams don’t. »

A very delicate situation for the Nets, because this soap opera could last a while. You might think Durantula will be unhappy, but that’s the reality of the market. The player is handsome at a better level than Rudy Gobert for example, or Dejounte Murray, that does not mean that his trade is simpler, quite the contrary. In addition, and with the holidays, the talks will stagnate for a while:

The leaders are going to start going on vacation. To date, the Nets have preferred that Kevin Durant simply stay with the franchise. There is no job that interests the front office at the moment.

The outcome for Kevin Durant is very distant, as one might fear. But the worst part of all this is that the negotiations are not advancing. The Nets will not lower their offer, while the teams refuse, for the moment, to make efforts to convince Brooklyn. A status quo that will last.

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