The viral exchange between Jimmy Butler, Ronaldinho and Paul Pogba!

Destination Miami is LA privilegeaegy of many top athletes, and at the moment, there are very beautiful people in Florida. The proof, jimmy Butler was seen with Paul Pogba, his friend, and especially football legend Ronaldinho. He looked over the moon!

It’s vacation time for a large majority of top athletes, and despite the emergence of Dubai in recent years, Miami remains a favorite destination for stars. The proof, this Saturday, a big charity match was organized in Florida with many legends. Roberto Carlos was there, Paul Pogba too, but it was Ronaldinho who was the most anticipated.

The hug between Jimmy Butler, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho

Arrived with a swimsuit Kyrie Irving on the back, proof that he knew a little about the NBA, Ronaldinho was clearly THE star of the evening this Saturday, not only because the event bore his name, but above all because he is one of the as well as the great players in history. Upon his arrival, Jimmy Butler hastened to greet him, then throw himself into the arms of his friend Paul Pogba. The sequence to go around social networks:

Jimmy Butler is a big football fan, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho fans of basketball and the NBA environment, the three are made for each other. And while the former Barcelona man was no doubt very busy, the other two spent time together in the locker room after the game. The opportunity to take news, to laugh, but also to take a nice photo with Paulo Dybala and Chad Ochocinco for social networks.


Jimmy Butler should have participated in this meeting, his jersey was ready, but he was scared when he saw all the legends lined up on the lawn… He will have at least been able to take pictures with his friends and see a good show from the edge of the field.

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