The viral photo of Kyrie Irving with two other stars, the fans unleashed!

Still cited in many trade rumours, Kyrie Irving says he could be traded anytime now. But let his fans be reassured, the leader is not really bothered by this situation. The last photo of the player is causing a buzz, since he is accompanied by two other stars. And not just anytime.

Sent to the Lakers for weeks, Kyrie Irving still has no confirmation. The franchise is discussing well with the Nets in order to recover it but for the moment, the consideration requested is too heavy, to the point that Rob Pelinka refuses on a specific point. But to date, the negotiations are not progressing too much and for good reason: the priority remains Kevin Durant. The latter will postpone a major compensation, which means that the front office prefers to take care of this file first.

Kyrie Irving very busy in full rumor!

While waiting for the evolution in the weeks to come, with a possible exchange, Irving lives his life fairly quietly. This isn’t the first time he might be traded, which means he knows how to handle it all. He was spotted recently with two other stars in a snap shared on Instagram. We find his former teammate Jaylen Brown, but also… Kanye West.

The proof that Kyrie is busy during the rumors, and that he does not intend to sit idly by. The snap was shared on Twitter, however, and fans aren’t surprised to find it with Kanye West:

Kyrie and Kanye being friends is the least surprising thing of the year

Celtic future

Celtics fans seeing this

Kyrie Irving with Jaylen Brown? It does not delight Celtics fans, who do not want to find the leader. At least, the person concerned continues his life while waiting for his possible departure, even if he can still stay with the Nets to everyone’s surprise. This soap opera is far from over in the Big Apple.

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