The workforce of Chaumont handball 52 is taking shape

Chaumont Handball 52 is in the recruitment phase to fill its National 3 women’s team. The prefectural club, at the end of a calamitous season, took advantage of its general assembly to announce the arrival of several players: goalkeeper Noémie Vauthiers, former Bar-le-Duc, two U18s, Julianne Lefèvre and Flavie Sugneau.

In the 2021/2022 workforce, the pivot Rolange Bahouanassoni must still wait to confirm his presence at Chaumont. If she says she “wants to play, I first have to find a stable job to do it”. »

She will team up again with the other proven players: Manon Hourriez, Katy Bernard, Eléa Lefèvre, Aurélie Ether and Eglantine Clairin, awaiting the student situation of Léa Verleye and Manon Fischer.

There remained at present what the coach, Gwénaël Richard, had called the “hard core of the team”. “It’s a good omen, to use the good dynamic interview at the end of last season.

A return and a departure

The other important information concerns Flora Maire: the center half has chosen to leave Chaumont. Living in Dijon, the long journeys between the prefectures of Côte-d’Or and Haute-Marne became cumbersome in the long run. She is not going to stop handball, however, since she plays in the capital of Burgundy, where she lives. “I’m going to join the Longvic team, which is going up to National 2 this season,” she says. “It was not an easy decision to make, since Chaumont is the club where I was trained and to which I am attached for four seasons. »

Beyond this departure, it is a notable arrival which is to be announced: that of the Ivorian international, Audrey Nkregbo, former resident of Chaumont. She will come to sign “a contract as a professional player within the club”, to announce Rachel Sugneau. The right-back and the president will meet this Monday, July 18 for the signing.

Currently, the troops of Chaumont have about ten players. Coaching will be, for the whole season, provided by Gwénaël Richard. He found a few solutions to put the minds of the players back on track. A few heads are still missing to reach the fourteen players. Knowing that any request outside Chaumont must be validated “before July 31”, recalls Rachel Sugneau.

Bastien Dauby

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