The XXL 3-team trade that would end the Kyrie/Westbrook soap opera!

The more the days pass, the more the departures of Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook seem inevitable. Can Los Angeles and Brooklyn agree on a trade? It is possible, with in particular a third team which could unlock everything.

Decidedly, the situations of the Lakers and the Nets are very similar. The two superteams each disappointed in 2021-22, when they were the big favorites for the title, and they both competent a star who is controversial in their ranks: Russell Westbrook on the one hand, Kyrie Irving the other. History to link the two formations a little more, the Californians would be interested in the 2016 champion since his leaders declared him transferable.

By trying to acquire his services, LA could kill two birds with one stone and get rid of the Brodie’s contract ($ 47 million over 2022-23). Not an obvious mission, unless you add a third franchise to the calculations to act as an intermediary. That’s what Launderer’s report did recently, with a very intriguing suggestion: the Pacers. Indeed, this should allow each team to obtain an equivalent consideration:

The Pacers, the key to a deal between Lakers and Nets?

  • The Lakers received : Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry
  • Nets received : Malcolm Brogdon and Myles Turner
  • The Pacers received : Russell Westbrook and a first-round pick

Indiana wants to completely rebuild its workforce and has been looking for a while to part with its owners. In this case, the deal could also be a boon for Brooklyn, which would recover two impact players there. Brogdon is a point guard with a highly developed basket IQ, endowed with a good shot and capable of taking over to lead his squad. A choice addition alongside Kevin Durant therefore, while Turner would provide offensive spacing and a big protection of the circle in defense.

As for the Lakers, they would not come out badly either, since Seth Curry would have what to become immediately holder at the rear position. His long-range shot cost the Purples and Golds a huge amount of good, and if Uncle Drew can once again cohabit with LeBron James, their pairing would be devastating. Finally, Indiana could use RW to release the salary cap, the 2017 MVP’s contract expiring in June 2023. The opportunity for them to sign a lot of players.

Kyrie at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook at the Pacers and a quality duo surrounded by Kevin Durant at the Nets: this trade scenario could well be the right one to end the soap opera. Each franchise would find its account, at least on paper.

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