Things are heating up between Kyrie Irving and the Lakers, the latest news!

Potentially free in the coming days, Kyrie Irving should make an important decision. Will he continue at the Nets, or become a free agent to sign with the Lakers? We know a little more, with a LeBron James who invites himself into the conversation. The rest of the week promises to be explosive.

This is certainly the big soap opera of the week in the NBA: will Kyrie Irving leave the Nets to join a new team? No confirmation, but more days pass, and the more we are heading towards a departure from the star. A deal seems almost impossible for a contract extension, to the point that the damage is done. The player’s last response concerning its future is in any case clear: there is a real problem behind the scenes.

Kyrie at the Lakers? The rumor is growing!

The Lakers want to sign Kyrie, which is almost a given according to some journalists. Irving now has several choices in front of him, since he got clearance from the Nets to power with other teams regarding a sign-and-trade. This scenario is part of the options for the point guard, but clearly not the best to rally the Angelinos. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, here is what it will take.

Outside of the Lakers, there is no known team with an interest in Kyrie Irving regarding a sign-and-trade. No trade of the kind can be mentioned before Thursday evening. Brooklyn would not be interested in any package from the Lakers.

If Irving declines his player option at 36 million, he will be allowed to sign an exception to the Lakers against 6 million. The deadline is Wednesday to decide on his option.

Clearly, Kyrie has several options in front of him:

  • Stay at the Nets with a contract extension, or simply by activating his player option
  • Join another team by refusing his player option, thus becoming a free agent this June 30, at the opening of the market.
  • Accept his player option, but accept a sign-and-trade immediately.

For the Lakers, the best-case scenario is the second. Irving will be free, and a contract of 6 million may be offered to him. Interest is lacking for Kyrie, who doesn’t really have any leeway to power, while reminding that the Angelinos have nothing else to offer him. james lebron validates in all cases the move, he who wants to find his former teammate:

People very close to the situation believe that Kyrie Irving is trying to join the Lakers. LeBron James is very open to this possibility.

Kyrie Irving at the Lakers? We take the path. If the player really wants it, with the agreement of LeBron James, he just has to refuse his option to join the City of Angels this Thursday evening. Whatever happens, a trend seems to be confirmed: the point guard should no longer wear the Nets jersey.

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