three U20s integrated into the XV of France for the tour in Japan

The coach of the XV of France Fabien Galthié has decided to call on three newcomers for the tour of the Blues in Japan.

Nice surprise for the young Enzo Reybier, Louis Le Brun and Matis Perchaud. Initially called up to the U20 France Men group by Jean-Marc Béderède, the manager announced that the Oyonnax winger and the two Aviron Bayonnais players are finally joining the XV of France to take part in the Japan tour on 2 to July 9″We learned great news from the coach of the XV of France with the selections of Matis, Enzo and Louis. It’s something extraordinary, the whole group is very proud for them. This is a superb opportunity and it validates all the detection work carried out within the various structures of the Federation. Evidence of the success of the succession plan. We know the failure of these selections in exchange with the management of the XV of France. The possibility that they would call on a few players existed and that is why we had chosen to carry out the preparation with 36 players.“.

The three young players have taken over the management of the CNR of Marcoussis today and are replaced in the U20 group by Pierre-Emmanuel Pacheco, Émile Dayral and Jefferson Joseph for the Summer Series competition in Italy.


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