Tiger Woods: ‘I’m going to have to do 66 on Friday to have a chance’

American legend Tiger Woods completely missed out on his debut at the 150th British Open on Thursday. Woods came back to this miss during a first round dominated by Cameron Young.

“What are your general impressions?
This is probably the highest score I could do. I didn’t get off to a good start. I hit a good tee-shot at 1, and ended up right in the middle of a fresh divot. And I hit a good shot but the gusts of wind stopped it and it ended up in the burn, and I started off with a double bogey. I made maybe 4 or 5 times 3-putts. I was not very good on the greens. On every putt, I was short. The fairways were fast but the greens very firm and slow. The game took a long time, it was a long, slow day.

How did you feel physically?
It was a lot easier today, physically, than it has been in the other two tournaments I’ve played this year. (Masters and PGA Championship)It’s certain.

What was the most disappointing aspect of this game?
I think that’s just the total score. I feel like I didn’t type that badly. Yeah, I didn’t have the right speed on the greens, but I don’t really feel like I hit my shots that badly. I ended up in bad places. Or else weird things happened. And that’s how it goes on the links and on this golf course. I had opportunities to reverse the situation to get myself back on track, but I didn’t.

How do you plan to bounce back?
I’m gonna have to do 66 tomorrow (Friday) to have a chance. Obviously, this has already been done. Some did today. And it’s my responsibility to go ahead and do that. I need this. »


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