Tournefeuille. THB hosted the regional finals

Last weekend, it was in Tournefeuille that the Finalités Occitanie 2021-2022 were disputed. Indeed, the THB, the city’s handball club, had been entrusted with the task of hosting and organizing this major event. Two days entirely dedicated to the progress of the regional handball finals concerning all age categories, female and male: 46 teams from the entire region for 23 finals. The opportunity to attend some demonstrations of what is the highest level of handball in Occitania; Witness the exceptional arrival of Aymeric Minne, center half in the French team, who moreover discovered and started this sport within the THB.

According to André Kloda, the president of the club, being awarded this organization is a combination of several factors. “The THB is still a top club, he explains. We have teams at the highest level. For example, two of our categories were competing this weekend and were crowned vice-champions d’Occitanie. In addition, we have always had good relations with the League, which demonstrates the seriousness of the club. Finally, our facilities are of high quality, which facilitates the hosting of such events. The Quéfets gymnasium includes two courts, and a floor covering worthy of professional installations”.

For these two days of finals to run smoothly, it was also necessary to rely on the rigor of the club members and on volunteers as numerous as provided. “We obviously rewarded all the licensees who came to help, but above all the forty volunteers who provided exemplary work this weekend” specifies Jean-Paul Bensoussan, secretary of the THB.

“After the health context of the past few months, it’s good to find this type of sporting weekend again. He understands us at heart to be up to the event, and above all it allows us to end this season in style !” welcomes André Kloda.

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