Trèbes: table tennis: balance sheet and cross portraits

The team championship ended for Trèbes TT on a positive note. Now the tournaments begin. The young people qualified for the various championships, Europe in Sweden for Joseph Harang in disabled sport after his title of French champion, Europe UNSS for Mathieu Jambert in Poland, Ludivine Delcampe and Corentin Jedrzejak at the French championships in Normandy, will still animate this end of the season. .

For next season, the ambitions remain similar : rise in national level for the first team, maintenance at the highest regional level for team 2, maintenance for team 3 and participation of the greatest number of teams in the departmental championship.

Metodi Tzvetkov, the coach explains : The results are very satisfactory both in the team championship and in individual competitions, the young people are progressing, which is extremely positive. The training slots are well attended and the atmosphere very positive. Youth dynamics are on the rise : 14 new young people in the Saturday morning beginner slot have registered. The agreement with schoolchildren has made it possible to mix more than eighty children and to participate in the 2024 generation, which has thus seen the Floralies school equipped with an outdoor table and to continue : the progress of three of our young table tennis players is to be highlighted with the titles of French and regional champions which qualify them for higher competitions . A happy trainer who admits having taken a lot of pleasure in managing and leading “ son ” club.

Portrait of a girl: Ludivine Delcampe

Affectionately called “ Lulu “, Ludivine trained at the club explodes this year. Regional champion, qualified for the French championships in Normandy, indisputable holder of the regional 1, she has had a splendid season.

My season was incredible, in the first phase of accession to regional 1 with a match of increasing pressure and a good team spirit and the second phase where we fought to maintain with a magnificent third place… pleasure !

In addition, I appreciate the conviviality around each match, each meal and each competition where everyone is united. What happiness .

Portrait of a veteran: Alain Vizcaino

Emblematic figure of the club Alain, known as Vizcain, is the oldest player of Trèbes TT. He evolved in all the teams and was part of all the departmental and regional adventures.

Still a player available to all groups, he also puts himself at the service of young people by accompanying them to tournaments and competitions where his experience is recognized.

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