Trendon Watford is the MVP of the Summer League final!

We had already seen him many times last season in the NBA, especially when the Blazers decided to sell off their regular like a forty-year-old throws his VHS at ten bucks a hundred in a summer flea market. In Las Vegas Trendon Watford proved that Portland could / should give him a chance, and here is the sophomore with two trophies on his chimney, two more than a pack of NBA players casually.

Does being elected Summer League MVP guarantee a great career in the NBA? So ask Blake Griffin, John Wall or Damian Lillard, but also ask Josh Selby or Glen Rice Jr., also glorified in July but quite far from All-Star level thereafter. We will therefore wait to see what the 21-year-old winger will offer us in his second season with the Blazers, especially since he is “only” MVP of the final, but whatever the energetic Trendon deserved his praise on these ten days of competition.

Undrafted, he had never scratched a place in the Chauncey Billups roster at the start of last season without however succeeding in “really” establishing himself there as a major player. The joys of tanking helping, the month of March will finally allow us to benefit from his talent, and it is as a starter that Trendon will become a trend with an average of more than 15 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists over the month of the feast of the grandmothers. Trendon Watfors, Brandon Williams, Drew Eubanks or Keon Johnson, that’s what the Portland Dream Team looked like then and that’s more or less what it looked like this summer, and Trendon decided to play the leaders there.

Tonight ? 19 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals, a game in line with the previous five and if this MVP trophy could just as well have gone to his point guard Brandon Williams or to Keon Johnson if he had not shit its finale, it logically rewards the most dominant and consistent of the gang. Not the brightest dash on a CV obviously, we remember that the Summer League opposes 80% of the time plumbers to tilersbut let’s also remember that some well-known heads of the League have also been there, we are talking in particular about Blake Griffin, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jonas Valanciunas and more recently Brandon Clarke, Lonzo Ball, Cam Thomas or Davion Mitchell.

Within the Blazers project Anfernee Simons seems to have taken the aspiration of Damian Lillard and the Shaedon Sharpe project is still in its infancy. Will there be a small place for the energizing Watford? We call back, we’re talking about Summer League so calm down, but at the same time… what more could he do to show off.

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