UAV Rugby: 20 new players for the new season!

Friday evening, took place in Goulin the evening of presentation of the new players, 20 new faces!

The entire staff was gathered at the stadium to welcome and introduce the newcomers who were present for the most part.

With the overhaul of the territorial series categories – going from six categories to only three – the chicken of honor where the UAV RUGBY played outside the name “Regional 1” will see very little change.

Indeed, they will welcome at the municipal stadium of Goulin the neighbors of Lectoure and Masseube, the Bigorre clubs of ESCA, Magnouac FC, Maubourguet, Trie sur Baïse and Vic Bigorre.

The Haute Garonne will also be present with the clubs of the VAL XV and Montréjeau gathering.

As President David Mercier pointed out, in order to give itself the means to appear as well as possible in this pool, the UAV RUGBY has been working for many weeks to compose a high-performance workforce.

The senior workforce is increasing by 20 additional players for very few starts or stops.

The arrivals :

Dorian Bianchini (reprise),

Alexis Sabathé (Lectoure),

Florent Bitaud (Ris Orangis),

Théo Maurice and Maxime Minelli (Auch),

Fabien Fourès and Jérémy Coelho (Nogaro),

Bastien Bernadet (Colomiers),

Tristan Bernadet (reprise),

Thomas Despax (return to the club),

Kevin Pelligrino (reprise),

Thomas Stocklin (Gimont),

Enzo Bon (reprise),

Valentin Plaza (Gabarret),

Grégoire Clarac (reprise),

Jean Dacharry and Damien Monget (double degrees),

Thomas Reynes (The Isle of Noah).

To these eighteen new players, we must add two young Juniors going up to Seniors, Matthieu Airoldi and Elliot Lamothe.

Departures or stops:

Maxime Delaere (Mauvezin),

Mathias Bourrel (Quillan-Limoux),

Sacha Laborde (AS Bayonne),

Robin Guiraudi (stop).

The coaching staff will consist of Thibaut Roussille, Stéphane Chassagne and Jérôme Alves.

On this subject, Thibault Roussille clarified that he had already sent the players a physical training program.

Training will resume on July 28. with a physical test and a cohesion evening then training will take place twice a week.

A first match will take place on August 27.

As for the resumption of official matches, it will take place on September 18. with until Christmas, blocks of 3 games and a weekend off.

The evening ended around a friendly moment which allowed to integrate the new arrivals.

Photo credit: François MACE


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