Unease at the Warriors? The shameful crack of Wiseman!

James Wiseman was eagerly awaited this summer with the Warriors, since after a practically white season, he had to walk the Summer League and send a message to Steve Kerr for the future. If he is not bad on the field, his big crack in attitude could have serious consequences.

Still, the Lakers have been the most followed team since in the Summer League, thanks in particular to the aura generated by the franchise. But this summer, the Warriors are also thrilling the public in Las Vegas with the big names present in the workforce. The young representatives of the NBA champions, for example, presented themselves with Jonathan Kuminga, who had a real role to play in Steve Kerr’s rotation during the regular season.

And that’s not all, since Golden State also stole the young nugget of the Lakers Mac McClung before the start of hostilities, and this player so explosive, so spectacular, does not fail to make the show with some brilliant actions. If we add to this Moses Moody, flamboyant striker selected in the first round of the 2021 Draft, on the snapshot a collective who can claim final victory, at least on paper.

James Wiseman leaves the field without greeting anyone!

But the most anticipated player this summer on the Warriors side is undoubtedly James Wiseman, former Draft No. 2, who must show Steve Kerr and the staff that he can play an important role in the back-to-school season after his white season. . The problem is that at the moment it is not requested for its benefit. His stats aren’t bad, but his attitude on the other hand isn’t worthy of the franchise.

Guys, Wiseman just walked off the field? Sheeeeesh… He was pissed!!

Wiseman received maybe three assists in the entire second half. It’s crazy, even in the Summer League. He never touches the ball.

While he had things to prove this summer, after a practically white season, James Wiseman seems to be particularly frustrated in the Summer League, to the point of leaving the field without even shaking hands with his opponents and his teammates. An attitude that sends a fairly negative signal to the Warriors and Steve Kerr and which is far from what is expected of the former No. 2 in Draft. It’s up to him to recover on his next outings.

Yes, James Wiseman can be frustrated with the shortcomings of his teammates, who don’t always understand how to serve him and highlight him in the key… But leaving the field like this sends a negative message to the whole team. franchisewho won’t need a diva in the quest for a new title.

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