Unleashed in training, LeBron shocks with his new weapon!

37 years old or not, out of the question for LeBron James to be unemployed during this offseason with the Lakers. The star is present in training, always with the desire to bring a new title to the City of Angels. The King seems to have focused on one particular area, which could do damage next year.

While he will soon be 38 years old at the time of the recovery, next October, james lebron does not intend to rest with the Lakers. After a huge disappointment last year, without playoffs or play-ins, the King wants to rectify the situation for the supporters. The objective is simple: the title, and nothing else. But while he’s still one of the best, James also knows that it won’t all be up to him. Will Russell Westbrook be able to wake up, if he’s still here? Can Anthony Davis stay healthy? Here are some questions.

The important area LeBron is working on!

Waiting to see the next few weeks, with possible professions according to the front office, the Akron native was not expected to wait. A coach has just shared a video of the player in training, with the focus on one area: the three-pointer. Obviously, LeBron wants to improve this part of his game, especially when you know that the Angelinos were pretty bad last year in it.

This confirms nothing, but the King continues to want to improve his game. Can he become a better shooter behind the arc? You will have to prove it on the court. In the meantime, supporters appreciate the effort:

Bron is going to be so strong from afar next year

Does his shooting mechanics look slightly different, or is it just me?

Russ must do the same

The work continues for LeBron James, who has no intention of resting after such a bad season with the Lakers. His shot? Perhaps his priority for the next few months, knowing that shooters can make a big difference in this league. We will follow this closely.

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