Unusual, Videos, ATP – Newport > Sanctioned for a foot fault, Bublik makes a scandal: “Are you a tennis player?”

Alexander Bublik’s matches are often “poems”.

Despite his victory against Andy Murray on Friday evening and his qualification for the semi‐finals of the Newport tournament, the Kazakh won again after being penalized for a foot fault. An unfair and above all impossible decision for the 42e world who did not hesitate to make a small scandal.

“He told me that I made a foot fault with the right leg. How can this be possible? You want me to serve like this? Are you a tennis player? Comment is it possible? If you tell me it’s the left leg, I totally agree, but how can I serve like that? Are you a tennis player? Are you a tennis player? »launched Bublik before verbally attacking the main referee who came to interfere in the conversation: “I’m not talking to you, I’m not talking to you. »

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