Urruñarak Rugby celebrates its 50th anniversary

The genesis of the club

The history of the club was due to this group of teenagers, who played at the fronton, around Jean-Michel Domec. “At school, there was only pelota and handball. One day, a young man arrived with a rugby ball. The idea came to find us to play rugby. Jean Berachateguy, who played at SJLO, came to train us. The first sessions took place at the PTT center in Sokorri and we showered with a water hose, ”recounts, mischievously, Daniel Irazoquy, president of Urruñarrak Rugby.

Young people become hand on Saturdays and rugby during the week. Serge Pascal takes charge of them and registers them in the corporate championship. They met in matches Lur Berri from Saint-Palais, Dassault, Turbomeca, the railway workers from Bayonne and another team of teenagers from Ossès.

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