Versace unveils its new Odissea trainer and we’ll be wearing it all summer long

Published on July 18, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.


The Italian luxury brand inaugurates its new sneaker called Odissea. An opulent style and streetwear that is likely to seduce more than one this summer.

Fashion houses are showering us with new pieces in anticipation of the holidays but also of the start of the school year next September (I’m sorry but we have to start thinking about it). But to fill our summer suitcase, we will be able to grab hold of these novelties which are mostly nuggets. Proof of this, Versace has just unveiled its new pair of baskets which promises to be the hit of the season. The temple of exuberance has, once again, not betrayed its reputation, starting with the name of the latter: Odissea. A real invitation to a celestial journey. What impresses us in the first place is the futuristic, innovative design. The 3D Medusa, legendary emblem of Versace, marks the silhouette. Its minimalist and yet so precise lines “recall the shape of an aerodynamic helmet for cyclists or even that of a spaceship of the future”, as we explain the brand.

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White is not part of your summer color range? The sneaker comes in black, blue, pink, brown and metallic silver. All these shades go just as well with street, casual looks or much more extravagant and dressed up outfits.

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