VIDEO. Handball: feat of Fenix ​​​​Toulouse which brings down Paris Saint-Germain, eight times reigning French champion!

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The Toulousains achieved a superb performance, this Sunday, September 25, during the third day of Starligue, the first division of the French championship, by dominating the overpowered Parisians with the score of 35-27.

It is a huge blow, which the Toulouse handball players of Fenix ​​achieved this Sunday, September 25. During the third day of Starligue, the first division of the French championship, the men of President Philippe Dallard brought down the great Paris Saint-Germain, eight times reigning French champion, who came to Haute-Garonne with his armada of stars, brothers Nikola and Luka Karabatic in the lead.

Final score: 35-27 in favor of Toulouse. Fenix ​​​​players Erik Balenciaga (8/8) or Nemanja Ilic (4/4) each had great success in shooting, to the delight of spectators at the Palais des Sports in Toulouse. In goal, Jeff Lettens also stood out (15/37).

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To take the measure of the Toulouse feat, you should know that the Parisians had not lost in D1 since April 25, 2021 against Nantes and had since then only been upset by a draw on May 26. the same year in Chambéry. They had suffered no defeats throughout the last season. PSG’s last away defeat in the Starligue dates back to May 12, 2019 in Saint-Raphaël.

? PSG loses against Toulouse!

— beIN SPORTS (@beinsports_FR) September 25, 2022

Before this defeat, the Parisians had gleaned two successes in two games at the start of the championship, but had lost at the very start of the season, during the Trophée des Champions against Nantes. The Toulouse, for their part, had recorded a victory and a defeat.

Coach Danijel Andjelkovic’s Fenix ​​thus confirms the good things glimpsed during the summer preparation: 5 successes in 5 friendly matches including a 38-34 against… PSG!

The Toulouse, who failed to qualify for the European Cup last season, hope, at least, to return to the continental scene next year.

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