Villefranche-de-Rouergue: a bright future for the rugby union school

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The Avenir Villefranche XV rugby school has ended a great season. Especially on the side of the young U14s who have performed throughout the year.

The rugby school, completely under reconstruction for two years, started again with a solid foundation. Thanks to the Covid-19 in particular and astonishment, the club was able to take advantage of the period to bring back licensees. “Rugby had this advantage of being an outdoor sport and of being able to continue to practice it despite the pandemic”, explains Hugo Nagy, the president of Avenir XV.

In all, the school had 20% more licensees, ie 110 at the school and 220 at the club. A great development for this historic Villefranche club. A workforce that is rising in particular thanks to the work done in schools to communicate about rugby by the club’s employee, Baptiste Gladin.

This year, the training of three newly graduated educators should also be noted. In each category, a qualified educator supervises the training of rugby players on the field. Five players have also been selected for the Aveyron team this year. A pride for the leaders of the rugby school who wish to move upmarket with new labels. The Avenir XV is, in any case, not short of ideas and motivation to develop the school and the club for the pleasure of lovers of the oval ball. “We are looking for all the good souls, the volunteers, the players so that we can continue to grow together”, continues the president of the club, highlighting the primary ambition of the rugby school of the Avenir XV: “the training and the pleasure of the child”.

Focus on the success of the U14s

And it’s even better when pleasure mingles with results. The year ended, the rugby school, supervised by Gérald Combes, can boast of a great season. Especially with the U14s. This team, which had eight members two years ago, is imposing itself today with 38 licensees. For the most part, young players who stepped onto the stadium for the first time two years ago. In the Groupama challenge, this year they lost 4 matches and reached the final in Caussade. They also finished 3rd in Occitanie in the Orange Challenge.

The U14s had a great season.

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