Villers-sur-Mer: a new mini-golf course on the theme of the seaside to guarantee maximum pleasure

The 18-hole course is laid on the sand to give players the impression of rediscovering the sensations of the seaside. ©Sophie QUESNEL

In seaside resorts, mini golf are institutions, just like casinos. And rightly so since this is where holidaymakers take refuge to have fun in case of bad weather. This is also where families meet to share convivial moments, often after returning from the beach. That of Villers-sur-Mer (Calvados) has just reopened for summer 2022.

A new operator

During the previous mandate, the old mini-golf had been sold to the group Sharp, which operates the casino. He wanted the transformer into a parking lot located at the end of a beautiful story of complicity between miniature golf and the Villersois. The new municipal team wanted to recreate this link and do everything possible not to deprive summer visitors of it for too long. The Town Hall, after having terminated the lease of the former operator and having paid him compensation since he did not wish to continue his activity, then launched a call for tenders. He asked for the work to be carried out and the operation of leisure equipment for the installation of a mini-golf course on the neighboring land owned by the Town Hall. With an area of ​​1,269 m² with a building of approximately 47 m², the location was ideal for the creation of new equipment. The society Small concept won the tender.

The seaside theme

The mini-golf, which is a stone’s throw from the beach, offers a real extension “We wanted to install a course on the sand and people are happy to be able to find their mini-golf and discover the new version” specifies Marine Cronier, of the company Small concept.

As stipulated in the call for tenders, the structure can accommodate, in the building, a small catering area in the form of a take-out sale, without an IV license. The project therefore included the rehabilitation of the existing chalet “which was in very poor condition and which has become a small guest house reserved for the sale of drinks and products for minigolf users. We can have a drink, eat an ice cream, rent an electric scooter” continues the manager of the structure.

The 18 tracks of the course were made by a specialized company and laid on the sand.

“We chose the theme of the seaside and for a more local note, several elements through the mills of the bridges reminiscent of Normandy and William the Conqueror. »

The opening of the miniature golf course has made it possible to create two seasonal jobs and expands the leisure offer near the beach.

Rue du Lieutenant Fernand Fanneau, in Villers-sur-Mer. Open every day during school holidays. Price: €5 for children, €7 for adults.

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