Vincent Pourchot arrives at the Canonniers de Metz!

A new recruit arrives at the Garnets, and not the least! Vincent Pourchot will wear the Canonniers de Metz jersey for the next two seasons. From the top of his 2m22, the tallest basketball player in France can prove to be a lethal weapon in the racket.

The greatest basketball player in France arrives at the Metz Canonniers! The native of Metz, Vincent Pourchot, left Tours Métropole Basket this summer. It had been attributed to us during the off-season that contacts existed with the Gunners, as he prepares for Frescaty. The pivot finally succumbed to the sirens of the formation of National 2 and rebounds in Lorraine, in his hometown.

His journey

Vincent Pourchot in the Tours jersey (Photo: DR)

Vincent Pourchot was born in Metz in 1992. From an early age, the Moselle was placed in the spotlight. The pivot was able to wear the tricolor jersey in U20, under the leadership of Philippe Ory (former coach of the Canonniers, who will train the Messina reserve in N3 next season). It integrates the Federal Centerin 2007. After 3 seasons spent at Insep, the great French interior integrates the center of Cougar Hope Training. At 21, the Fork “of his name” professional sign to Lille. He will then evaluate several seasons in Pro B at Charleville Mezieres. After his stay in the Ardennes he chose to go back down a level to play in Franche Comté with the Besac Besac (Besancon). Pourchot then had a great experience at Lorient.

He arrives from Tours Métropole Cart. With the Indre et Loire club, he had some good times, including a rise to Pro B. However, he has a mixed record in Indre-et-Loire, due to physical glitches, including a 6-year injury. month. He was injured during a Coupe de France match against Mans in 2020 taking him away from the floors because of a ligament rupture. Since, Vincent Pourchot some notoriety. The interior features its 2m22 on its Tik Tok account, launched more than a year ago. His account has already registered more than 1.4 million subscribers. In addition to his obvious qualities as a basketball player, Pourchot is a nice marketing stunt carried out by the leaders of Metz.

Vincent Pourchot is the third recruit of the Canonniers de Metz, after the arrivals of Mathis Bouvret and Romain Dardaine.

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