Volkswagen Golf 8. What are the favorite versions of the French?

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf, introduced in 2020, offers a plethora of choices in terms of engines and finishes. The Argus presents the configurations most popular with the French, with supporting figures.


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Discover the favorite versions of the VW Golf 8 in France.


We no longer present the Volkswagen Golf. Marketed since 2020, the eighth generation of the one that helped define the compact segment remains one of Volkswagen’s most popular models. A notoriety that still allows it to display a full range when its competitors are deprived of certain energies. The Golf thus still benefits from a full range of possibilities: petrol, diesel, hybrid, for powers ranging from 110 horsepower up to 320 horsepower for the Golf R and even 333 for the 20-year-old special edition which also receives 4-wheel drive. The price range varies accordingly, with the cheapest Golf trading at €30,685 and the most expensive reaching €62,700.

Engines: preferred small powers

It’s not a scoop, soaring fuel prices and environmental issues encourage the French to be reasonable when choosing their engine. This will continue with the Golf, more than half of whose sales will concern the less powerful petrol and diesel engines. Engines which also have the advantage of being less expensive to purchase. It is also interesting to note that the share of diesel sales (44%) is still high even if gasoline now dominates (45.2%). The success of diesel is explained by the fact that the model is sold more to businesses. Individuals represent only 27% of the shares.

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The Golf R, here the ’20 years’ limited edition, is the most powerful and the most expensive of the Golfs.


Top-selling Life Business finish

The best-selling finish in the Golf range is the Life Business version, which accounts for nearly one in two sales. A high figure which is explained by the elimination of the Life finish and the possibility for individuals to opt for this variation normally reserved for professionals. It offers automatic climate control, keyless start, digital meters and the 10” navigation system as standard. The Style and R-Line finishes come next and appeal to nearly one in four customers. On the sports side of the range, the legendary GTI represents a tiny proportion of deliveries (1.6%). The more radical Golf R does a little better with 1.8% of registrations.

The Golf is automatic

On the Golf, three quarters of sales are equipped with a DSG automatic gearbox. I have to say that manual versions are only available on Life Business and Active finishes. But the proportion of sales they could have allowed the manual gearbox to score better. The reputation of the DSG box therefore appeals to customers of the German compact.

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volkswagen golf

The lime yellow did not take in France.


Fifty shades of Grey

Despite a rather rich color palette including a ‘lime’ yellow worn by the Golf’s advertising campaign, the compact’s clientele remains wise. Black, white and gray (certainly in several shades) represent more than three quarters of registrations. The taste of the French for discreet colors is confirmed here. Only the blue ‘Atlantic Metallic’ stands out a bit, but does not represent more than 8% of registered models. Red Golfs are a rarity in France with less than 2% of deliveries.

And on the equipment side?

Side options, no madness either you will understand: the hands-free entry and start system and the spare wheel are popular with customers. Customers who remain attached to the aesthetic aspect of their car since many of them also opt for 17-inch rims, the sunroof and dark-tinted rear windows.


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