Volleyball / Congo Cup: The 18th edition confirmed in Kolwezi

The secretary general of the federation of volleyball of Congo (Fevoco), Jean Marie Yumba Kitungwa confirmed this Saturday, July 16, the holding of the national championship of the specialty (Coupe du Congo) in Kolwezi in the province of Lualaba.

Contrary to the habit of organizing this competition in the capital, Kinshasa, the boss of the administration of the Congolese volleyball federation has indicated that they are no longer backtracking for the place of this competition even if the date is still unknown.

“We confirm the organization of the 18th Cup of the Volleyball Federation of Congo in Kolwezi, in the province of Lualaba. It is a reality that we no longer have the right to back down because we have just seen the correspondent of the vice-governor of the province who confirms his commitment and his involvement in the organization of this competition. We can already confirm to you that all the provinces which organize the local championships are ready for the participation in this competition in Kolwezi. Above all, there will be the launch of our project “The future of DRC volleyball” which deals with the development and supervision of young people aged 16 to 18 and this will be the greatest feature of this tournament”, he added. indicated to the press.

As a reminder, the 18th edition of this tournament was won in both men’s and women’s versions by the volleyball club La Loi et Espoir.

Son Mokili

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