“We are ready to look at the file”, confides Sébastien Ménard

If the name of Mr. Bonnet appeared in the context of the takeover of Elan, it was because he had shown an interest in the Pau club, in the spring of 2021, while he was still the CEO of NL International , as his successor, Sébastien Ménard, explained to us: “We were received by Mr. Bayrou, who then informed us that his plan A was that of an American fund and who had not really considered our proposal” . Biarrot confirms having been approached again recently: “Thierry Braillard (Editor’s note, lawyer and former secretary of state for sport), whom I know personally, called me three weeks ago to tell me that Elan was in difficulty and was looking for a buyer. He included that it could be of interest to our brand”.

“Don’t want to go alone”

Sébastien Ménard, a basketball enthusiast and supporter of Elan, confides that he is not insensitive to the situation of the Béarnais club: “We are ready to look at the file, but we have not sent any offers. We should do it, we have the financial resources to do it, but I have no mandate or vocation to buy a sports club, and in any case I don’t want to go it alone, especially that this dossier still seems very complicated and not well underway. I don’t think there’s a businessman in France who is ready to spend €2m to buy back the Americans’ parts and pay for the city’s before even talking about building a budget for the team”.

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