“We have to trade LeBron for Kevin Durant”

As the Nets talk to the Lakers about Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant has been mentioned several times as a potential idea. For this former player, the Angelinos must do what is necessary to recruit the superstar, even if it means exchanging LeBron James in person. Yes, even the King is not immune.

It’s been a few weeks since the Lakers and Nets produced discussions about a trade. This is not about Kevin Durant, at least not later, but about Kyrie Irving. The latter has been sent to the City of Angels for some time, except that an agreement has still not been reached about the counterpart. Russell Westbrook is not enough, and Rob Pelinka refuses to give in on a surprising point.

The proposed crazy exchange between Kevin Durant and LeBron James!

But for Robert Horry, a former member of the house, the Angelinos must not be satisfied with recovering Irving. It is better to target Kevin Durant in person, while giving in… james lebron. Yes, the King should be exchanged according to him, at least if it allows to recover KD in return. A rather controversial opinion as you can imagine, especially since we don’t really know if Brooklyn is interested.

Of course you have to. Let’s imagine that you get KD back. If Rob Pelinka says, “Okay, I’ll give you LeBron James in exchange. Of course we have to take action. There are only two players in this league who are untouchable at the moment: they are Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic. The rest of the league? Anyone can be traded.

The first problem? Age. LeBron is 37 and no longer in his prime, although he could allow the Nets to dream a little more in the Eastern Conference. But even if it means exchanging a superstar, we imagine that Brooklyn does not generalize to ask for Anthony Davis. Moreover, and just for his contribution, the Angelinos will never give up the King, even to get KD in return.

However, Horry is not the only one to think so. Also Chris Broussard, who thinks LeBron would be almost perfect for the Nets:

The Nets would clearly be better off with a LeBron James in the lead. He could do a better job of keeping Kyrie Irving on the straight and narrow, and remember that Ben Simmons is his protege.

A trade Kevin Durant against LeBron James? It probably won’t happen, but some still have arguments to make in this direction. The Lakers will probably refuse, as will the Nets, but there is some idea. In any case, this soap opera is far from over.

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