“What did he do to all of you?” »

During an episode of his podcast with Evan Turner, Point forward, André Iguodala mentioned all the trade rumors that circulate at this time of the year, and obviously he does not like it too much. He reacted in particular to the fact that the Wolves will be refused to send a package Karl Anthony Towns + Anthony Edwards in order to recover Kevin Durant.

Whatever was offered, it was refused. I was unhappy that it was made public,” said André Iguodala. “Someone leaked this information after trying to smear KD’s name. »

He quickly pivoted on all the rumors about Russell Westbrookand there have been a lot of them for months.

“Why are they releasing this information?” I get pissed when there’s stuff that comes out about Russell Westbrook, like, ‘They offered this package, but they turned it down. This team turned down Russell Westbrook. That team also turned down Russell Westbrook’, he said. “And that just fuels this machine. What are you really trying to do to this man? What did he do to all of you? Because you keep doing that. What are you trying to accomplish? »

It’s going to take so much because as long as Westbrook doesn’t get traded and the Lakers try to find him a base, it turned out.


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