“When he arrived for his pre-match routine, he told us ‘It’s over’

Draymond Green explained it after the Finals, when he heard Jaylen Brown To say that Boston was not afraid of the Warriors when he had not been asked the question before Game 6, he knew that it was over for the Celtics. Son personal coach and friend Travis Walton a confirmed:

“When he arrived for his pre-game routine, we were on the field next to me and another friend of his, the barber Brownie Blendz, and I felt that he gave off a particular energy. I knew he was going to have a great game. He told us: ‘It’s over, it’s over’. And killing the show on their turf creates even more, after everything that happened with the public. He almost finished in triple-double (12 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists). »


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