where to play golf, our selection of courses

Going up towards the north of the department, the Marmande golf course is on our route. An official 9-hole course, reputed to be technical, which has the particularity of having 18 different tee times out of 10 possible holes. Then it’s Tombeboeuf and the Barthe golf course. A demanding 9-hole course, in the heart of a countryside where hills and valleys alternate, surrounded by farms. Recognized as one of the best 18-hole courses in New Aquitaine, the Villeneuve-sur-Lot golf course has sloping fairways, bodies of water, high or low greens. It is the golf course that surprises and seduces with its setting surrounded by orchards and, more particularly, plum trees. In Agen, the golfer who appreciates the hills will come and hit the ball at Bon-Encontre. A quiet 9-hole course which, when the weather is nice, gives off a panoramic view of the Pyrenees. Finally, let’s leave the hills that dominate Agen for the plain of Boé and the 18-hole course of the Château d’Allot, where its architect, Michel Gayon, has succeeded in creating a hilly course, with a negative drop, in the plain plate of the Garonne.

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