Who is Charles Brennus, the creator of the shield offered to the champions of France for 130 years?

In our “Mixed Zone” podcast, we go back in time with the series “Once upon a time, in the history of sport…”. This time, the episode is linked to the final of the Top 14 rugby between Montpellier and Castres, this Friday evening, at the Stade de France.

We come back to the trophy that will be named to the winners, the famous shield of Brennus which celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. Who has never reinforced the shield of Brennus does not really know what rugby is, we are used to hearing in the intimate world of Ovalie. Adulated, honored, this trophy is undoubtedly also one of the most mistreated, the evenings of victory.

Essential supplier of trophies

But this podcast is not about the anecdotes of festive evenings around the shield. 20 minutes trace the origin of the trophy through the personality of its creator, the Parisian master engraver Charles Brennus.

Made in 1892, this shield made the fortune and the glory of its creator, a man who gravitated in the influential spheres of the emerging sports movement, at the end of the 19th century. With the historian of rugby and professor at the University of Lille, Joris Vincent, we return to the career of Charles Brennus. Who was he ? How did he manage to become this essential tradesman and supplier of trophies?

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