Will the USM Table Tennis stop its interventions in the schools of Mortagne-au-Perche?

70 young people from CM2 were introduced to table tennis during Sports USM en fête! ©USM Table tennis

According to the leaders of the section of the‘USM table tennis, the situation is quite critical. Gathered on the occasion of the general meeting of the section on July 8 in Mortagne-au-Perche (Orne), the leaders mentioned in particular a forecast budget in free fall.

Jean-Paul Corvee, the man with many hats in the club, is based on a total of 70 members for the coming season. He counted the intervention of the club coach, identical to that of 2021, therefore including training and the renewal of actions in the 2 primary schools.

Or “the result is a deficit amounting to €1,285”, he laments.

“The subsidies from the Region have decreased, because 15 additional clubs have also made requests, the ANS (National Sports Agency) will therefore grant USM Table Tennis only €2,390 instead of €3,030 in 2021.”

The CDC to the rescue?

In view of the figures, Xavier Goutte, vice-president of the CDC du Pays de Mortagne-au-Perche, speaks “surprised to note that the club pays a speaker to carry out actions in schools, and this, over time. school. »

He advises the Club to make a request to the President of the CDC which would contribute to the financing of the interventions of the qualified coach, “knowing that nothing will be obtained from the National Education which only remunerates the teachers”, he specifies.

In the event that the CDC does not give a favorable response to this legitimate request, the continuation of interventions in schools would endanger the financial situation of the club. It could be proposed to stop them in this case.

Membership on the rise

For its part, the club has already recorded at the general meeting a €5 increase in membership. Balance is far from being reached.

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“Making schools pay through the CDC would be the solution to closing the gap. »

Xavier Goutte.

Nevertheless, the unbalanced budget estimate was approved.

For the rest, the number of licensees is 69, including 21 women, 34 young people under 18 and 10 young table tennis players at Baby Ping (including 5-year-old Nathan).

How can we continue to financially support the interventions in the two primary schools?
How can we continue to financially support the interventions in the two primary schools? ©Le Perche

Recruitment of a Fit Ping coach

“Elodie, Fit Ping coach for two years at USM Table Tennis, is leaving the Club to set sail for Challans”, mentioned with sadness Frédéric Legeai, “we are looking for a Fit coach, who brought together a dozen highly motivated women , but you need a diploma to assume this function”.

The USM Table Tennis, a non-mediatized sport, makes every effort to energize the Club by organizing PPPs (Premiers Pas Pongistes), courses that bring together between 25 and 30 young people, interventions on school time in Aristide Briand schools and Bignon, led by Olivier Ginouves, a qualified trainer, recruited by the Ping Perche employers’ association, ie 15 cycles of 10 sessions for schools… Table tennis is on the move!

“I am delighted with the enthusiasm of the young people who seem satisfied”, confirms Olivier.

As for the Ping room, it welcomes through two conventions the MFR du Perche (Canine) up to 3 times a week and the CDOS (Departmental Olympic Sports Committee) for health sport (adapted physical activity intended for people in delivery). “The room therefore turns out to be used more than 1,000 hours a year…”, insists the President.

Financial report

Jean-Paul Corvée, treasurer of USM table tennis, announces “a balanced balance sheet for the year 2021”. Significant discounts have been granted on contributions in order to alleviate the health crisis, the cash reserve is light compared to the appropriate actions… The moral and financial reports are approved.

Follow instructions

“It is absolutely necessary to ask again for the registration files before being able to play”, reminds Frédéric, “the licenses must be returned no later than the 1st week of September”, confirms Jean-Paul. In case of non-renewal, inform the Club for the composition of the teams. The training schedules must be respected in order to avoid any disorganization. “Volunteers must get involved in refereeing, it’s free, because it’s financed by the Club and the Committee”, recommends the President.

Election of officers: Sylvie Nicolas joins the office as vice-president.

Next events, the Sports Festival returns for the 9th edition at Super U on Saturday August 27 and the family tournament on Sunday August 28 (table tennis room).

For any other information Contact Frédéric Legeai 06 46 05 55 90.

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