Without any mercy, Draymond Green is still trolling the Celtics!

Heavily criticized at the same time last year, the Warriors reacted brilliantly by recalling the title this season. A great Steph Curry as usual, who continues to expand his trophy cabinet while waiting for the sequel. The other player absolutely delighted by this success? Draymond Green, who does not stop anymore. Inside has slammed the Celtics on Twitter again, and it’s far from over.

While the parade will take place this week for the Warriors, players are still on cloud nine. The title celebration always takes place after a final victory over the Celtics, which allowed Steph Curry to become Finals MVP for the first time. All the players are now looking forward to seeing their fans again, then to giving themselves a little rest. Next year, count on Steve Kerr’s men to defend their property.

But Curry is not the most expressive since the title won, since it is especially Draymond Green who is having fun. He didn’t hesitate to make fun of the Celtics, and specifically Jaylen Brown after the ring. But why stop? The inside continues to drop some tackles for his opponents, which he promised in the event the Dubs win the title again. You could say he keeps his word.

Draymond Green unrestrained against the Celtics

After an eventful clash with Ja Morant, Green decided to add a little on the Celtics, which he obviously does not like. So on Sunday, he did not hesitate to make fun of the famous “Game 7”, which will not ultimately take place. Bonus ? Father’s Day of course. No doubt, the Warrior is far from done with his trolls on Twitter.

I’m getting ready for Game 7 tonight… Focus already!!! happy fathers day

A nice troll for Green, who continues to rub the knife in the injury, enough to create some tension with opposing fans, who hope that the Celtics can get revenge in the future. Because obviously, the player continued a little later in the evening:

Kurt Helin: “Celtics coaches listen to Draymond Green podcast”

Draymond Green: “🔥🔥🔥🔥 I appreciate the support”

Draymond Green does not stop when it comes to making fun of the Celtics now, he who is delighted to have won this title. But Boston will not forget, and will logically want to take revenge next year. Whether it’s against Memphis or the Celtics, there are certain games to watch at the Dubs.

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