Woj releases a big update on the Kevin Durant file!

Will leave, will not leave? The case of Kevin Durant at the Nets still remains very vague, for the moment. Adrian Wojnarowski noted some new information on the subject, including the franchise’s strategy to its expected.

Almost three weeks after he requested his transfer, Kevin Durant is still stuck in Brooklyn. Not really a pleasant situation for the winger, who would keep turning the page after three rather unsuccessful seasons. If he returned to the best level after his rupture of the Achilles tendon in 2019, the n°7 did not enjoy collective success, even becoming a sweeper in the first round in 2021-22. An outcome unworthy of his ambitions.

However, if the double champion has a precise idea of ​​where he wants to go, having notably cited Phoenix and Miami as favorite points of fall, there is little chance that this will happen because both franchises lack the assets to set up a business. Is he therefore doomed to remain among the blacks and whites? According to Adrian Wojnarowski, this is not always the case. The insider ofESPN has indeed dropped the following info, on the set of the show Rise :

Nets continue to seek trade for KD

With each passing day, it looks like he’s coming back to the Nets next year. But the Nets are still trying to make a trade for Kevin Durant to go. If Kevin Durant went to Brooklyn and said, “I want to come back next year, I’ve changed my mind,” they’d welcome him with open arms. But if he doesn’t do that, you have to try to trade him. You don’t want the atmosphere to deteriorate because of players not wanting to be there.

Clearly, New York leaders are realistic about the current situation. The Slim Reaper is unlikely to shrink on its own, so you might as well keep looking for the best possible counterpart. However, this is anything but obvious, because the 2014 MVP still has a long-term contract for nearly $200 million. It is therefore totally different from the trade of another superstar, a few years ago:

The problem with Kevin Durant is that he still has four years of contract. The case of Kevin Durant is much more complicated than that of Kawhi Leonard, Four years ago. He was entering the final year of his contract at this time, unlike KD. Again, no deal seems imminent from the Nets side, but they continue to try trader Kevin Durant.

As of now, Brooklyn still isn’t ruling out a Kevin Durant trade, although the franchise would like him to stay. Again, however, it is the potential counterpart for the wing that is blocking the negotiations, their situation being quite unique.

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