Women’s handball. Gilles Monnier leaves the presidency of SEM 42: “The time has come”

Gilles, why did you choose to quit?

“It’s a considered decision but the time has come. I got older, I realized that I did not have the same strength, the same energy, to take the club further, even if all is well: increase in the number of our licensees: 90 in 2020, after Covid; 195 in 2022 with many young people. »

The historic season of your first team does not encourage you to stay?

“It’s even the best time to stop. We won everything: champion of France N2, we go back to N1. And our club is also many other areas. »

“The club is in good hands”

That’s to say ?

“Inclusion through sport has been a reality for us for many years at different levels. For the players who come from outside, I tell them: “When you come to Sainté, you can’t leave.” And it is a source of pride for me to see their successful integration. We can cite the examples of Amel Aït Ahmed, Khouloud Gafsi,…

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