Women’s Rugby. Revolution ! “Smart” mouthguards tested at the World Cup

World Rugby wants to better understand and reduce the number of concussions in women’s rugby. (©Icon Sports)

It’s a minirevolution in the world of oval! The world body World Rugby will offer so-called “intelligent” mouthguards to all teams contesting the 2021 Women’s World Cup in New Zealand. State-of-the-art equipment intended to better understand and reducing concussions in women’s rugby.

“Assess the frequency and magnitude of head contact and acceleration”

The best players in the world will wear “smart” mouthguards during the 2021 Rugby World Cup, postponed from October 8 to November 12, 2022 in New Zealand. “This initiative is part of an unprecedented official supplier agreement with Prevent Biometrics, announced by World Rugby,” added the world rugby governing body.

As part of this agreement, Prevent Biometrics’ advanced smart mouthguard technology, made effective by recognized academic studies, will allow researchers toAssess the frequency and magnitude of head contact and accelerationproviding players, coaches and researchers with accurate and reliable measurements of shock and contact loads to the head during matches and practices.

“The most advanced sporting event on player health ever”

The knowledge acquired provided bydevelops prevention measures for female rugby players, confirming World Rugby’s commitment to women’s specific research and health initiatives as part of its six-point plan. This information will be combined with data from over 1,000 junior, amateur and elite level players to give a detailed picture of what it’s like to play rugby at all levels.

“All of this data will paint an unprecedented picture of what rugby practice and training looks like across all age groups and at all levels of the game, and most importantly, it will offer valuable insights into where and how we may make the game even safer“, explains the managing director of World Rugby, Alan Gilpin, who wants the Rugby World Cup “the most advanced major sporting event ever organized in terms of player health. »

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