XV of France. Matthis Lebel: “I will continue to send positive messages to the coach”

Winger Matthis Lebel has not played much this fall with the XV of France but he announces that he will do everything to “send positive signals”. (© CM, for Rugby News)

15 minutes: this is the playing time of Mathis Lebel during this fall tour 2022 with the XV of France. The Toulouse winger (5 caps) played against Australia, taking advantage of Killian Geraci’s warm-up package, before being placed in the stands for the matches against South Africa in Marseille and Japan in Toulouse.

“I was spared the back and forth, unlike some of my partners. In terms of plane trips, it was pretty cool for me, “jokes Lebel, who spent a month with the Blues at the CNR in Marcoussis. An experience for which one might think that it generated frustration, but which the person concerned sees in a “positive” way.

Hard to find a place for Matthis Lebel

With Gabin Villière’s package, and after a good summer tour of Japan, the boy trained in Lombez-Samatan took advantage of a free place on the left wing. It was finally Yoram Moefana, center / winger of the UBB who appropriated it. And the 3e line Sékou Macalou has also evolved there, taking advantage of his hybrid role on the “6/2” bench of the XV of France.

“You train hard, sometimes you play, sometimes you don’t. As it happened for me with the Blues this fall. But my will always remains the same. I want to continue to train as hard as possible to have my chance”. Lebel must therefore be patient. Is it difficult to live? Lebel admits it, while not hiding his face:

It’s hard to wait because we are all competitors, we always want to show our best face to hope to play. Afterwards, there is a dynamic with a winning team. And the hierarchy is practically established.

Mathis LebelWinger of the XV of France and Stade Toulousain
Winger Matthis Lebel could be on the bench for the match of the XV of France against Australia.
Winger Matthis Lebel was placed twice in the stands with the XV of France during the 3 matches of the 2022 autumn tour. (©Icon Sport)

A positive year 2022 with the Blues for Lebel

The Toulousain is still not the style to mope. When we talk to him about the Blues, he often uses the word “positive”. For him, it is already an honor to be called more and more frequently by Fabien Galthié and the tricolor staff. “You have to see the positive: I’m lucky to be there, to stay in contact with this group for a while”.

A presence that allows him to train with the best, and to be in contact with another environment. “I learn a lot from Toulouse since childhood. With the Blues, it’s another way of working. You can reconcile the two. In the France team, there is a very marked style of play, different from that of Toulouse. But one chose these two joint teams: train hard to win, ”supports Lebel.

At 10 months from world Cup, the Toulouse winger is in the game to win a place in the 33 Blues. “By performing well at the club, I will continue to send positive messages to the coach,” he said. And we must recognize one thing: his year 2022 with the Blues is not bad at all. The U20 world champion gleaned the Grand Slam, scored his first tries in Blues, and participated in the historic invincibility of the XV of France in 2022. Many would like to be in his place…

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